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Fiverr has NO WAY of recovering a deleted gig

I accidentally deleted one of my gigs which I had paused for a while due to too much work. I had also paused a different gig which I was going to delete and I accidentally deleted both.

I assumed Fiverr had a failsafe or backup and could help with the recovery of these. BUT NO!


So I’m feeling a little pissed off and disappointed at the same time. The gig that was accidentally deleted was of course my best selling gig :roll_eyes:

I am actually really surprised that they don’t have a way of recovering things if they get deleted.

I don’t even know if I’ll bother to create a new gig for the one I lost.



There wasn’t any “Are you sure you want to delete this Gig?” :grimacing: I deleted a few on purpose a while ago, I can’t remember.


I had a similar situation a couple of years ago.
I paused unnecessary gigs and wanted to delete them.
When I clicked DELETE, all my gigs were deleted. I clearly wanted to remove only a couple of them.
I spent 2 months explaining this case to customer support, and I was lucky enough to get my gig back.
However, you need to be respectful and explain your case in details, asking one of the technical team members to review your case. Be ready that it takes a lot of time and effort.

As I understand, it happens when you switch between ACTIVE and PAUSED gigs. Fiverr simply deletes gigs on both pages instead of removing only paused ones.


If, after contacting CS they can’t undelete it, you could:

See if the gig is in Google’s cache. If so, you could use that when creating a new gig (copy & paste any bits you can).

If it’s not in Google’s cache, check if it’s in


An un-delete option for gigs could also be added as a feature request. Maybe in the related forum section, which could include a poll for everyone who wanted it.

Maybe a history of them could be shown so you could go back to a particular version.

Maybe there could also be an export and import option for our gigs, which could also help with this. That would also probably help those who were visually impaired and couldn’t select the pricing options etc. on the “edit gig” page (which should help those like person who asked about it on the forum).

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You really got your gig back?

I think I’ve already ruined my chance of getting it back. I think I came across as a little snappy in the last Mail to customer service…
They’re not very helpful are they? Just a blank no as an answer, when they clearly do have backups…

I suppose that’s asking too much, especially a history, they’d need to rent 50% of AWS’s capacity or something for that :wink:
I’d settle for one, or perhaps even better 2 confirmation boxes, like “Sure you want to delete this gig?” > “You REALLY want to delete this GIG? It’s your BESTSELLER!!!”.

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You could check here:

if that’s the one. But it won’t show your existing reviews if recreated.

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In my case, it was a technical issue (I had screenshots with weird numbers and stats).
There are several lines (layers) of customer support. As I understand, the task of the first one is to give you one of predefined answers and close your ticket.
In my case, I was forwarded to the editorial team, who worked with technical staff in order to solve my issue.
I have to mention that I always received support from all CS representatives. The key is to be polite and avoid accusing them in everything because they are people too.


YES! Thats the one! Thank you!

I’m actually still talking to CS so there’s still a little bit of hope. I’ve tried explaining exactly what happened and even suggested some fail safe options for us sellers.


They definitely have a way of bringing your gig back. @birgithececilie You can contact them again and try your luck

I don’t think I will. I’ve created a new gig and already sent out a custom order on it so it’s not the end of the world I guess. I just went into full on catastrophe mode when I deleted it :sweat_smile:

It could have been worse, I could have had a thousand orders on the gig and deleted it but in reality I had 5 :joy: So I just needed to vent, because it really should be a failsafe option for deleting gigs.

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