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Fiverr Has our backs ! :D

This is for those who said that Fiverr is only for buyers and that they never do anything for sellers .
It seems that I was a victim of a chargeback this morning and I instantly received this email.

How about that … is your faith in Fiverr restored ?


That’s great! :slight_smile:

it sure is… let’s see if it’s going to last

How long did this take to happen?

They’ve returned funds to one of my buyers despite me proving he used it…my ticket has now been open for over 48 hours with no acknowledgement.

I haven’t contacted support about this , the order got cancelled and I immeadetly received that email

I’m not thrilled with Fiverr or CS at the moment mind.

In my opinion support is great… they always solved any kind of problems. I can’t say anything bad about them


Fiverr is only for buyers, hm? Gee, didn’t take me long to find a post on that.

Was your reputation restored as it related to this dispute?

Hm. sigh

I hadn’t thought about it. But obviously a problem on Fiverr.


I’m a bit dense. “despite me proving he used it.”

What are you referring to?

I realize this is old; I’m just starting where I am.



It means that there was proof that the buyers used the work that was deliver even after cancelling the order… So the buyer got back the money and also made away with the delivered files.