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Fiverr has removed my blogger portfolios

Fiverr is not allow, portfolios site,

I use the blogger site as a portfolios, But today I got this mail and need modification …Fiveerrr

Can any one tell me which portfolios site , I can use…


You have answer on your question in that message you got from support.


but the say, blogger site is allow as a portfolio

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That says “blogspot” not “blogger” in the list above. If your link is to “blogspot” they’d probably allow it.
Also you used a shortened Google link which probably isn’t allowed as they won’t be able to see which site it’s going to redirect to (and that google link isn’t in the above list).


I use this site about 2 years…As a portfolios

An it was a short link of blogspot

Don’t shorten it. These things are automatically scanned, I believe, and your link looks like something else.


I agree. Don’t shorten it and it should be okay if that site (blogspot) is in the allowed list.

Though I’ve seen a Fiverr Pro with a shortened Google link in their gig descriptions. Maybe if Fiverr has an automated check it only catches it on updates to gigs/new gigs rather than looking at quite old gigs. Or maybe they’re only manually looking it after any gig updates.

Do they say that anywhere? I know they don’t allow it on the forum.

Recently fiverr doesn’t allow any link shortner

I recently added bit_ly that was also removed. That’s why it’s my prediction. Further in one blog i read about this but i didn’t bookmarked that blog. Even while i was replying fiverr didn’t allow me bit_ly posting.

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