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Fiverr has removed the banners on some gigs

I recently received a message from fiverr saying that they are removing my gig banner. Anyone else received this message?

Did they say why? Did it have text on it?

It had a few of my previous logo designs. They said they would use the space to better publicize my gig. The space is showing up blank, not sure what they meant.

Did the logo designs have text? That could be why. Maybe you could come up with a different banner without text of any kind.

Which one removed? Which gig?

According to the new post in December cover images were supposed to remain on some sub categories, today the feature was disabled on at least illustration and cartoons sub categories.
The post im referring to is this one

It just had symbols. No text what so ever.

the logo design gig

They removed mine as well I think. Something about discontinuing it altogether. I think they mentioned that it wasn’t really effective.

Cover Photos are no longer available on any gig categories. That feature is discontinued.