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Fiverr has restricted without any proper reasons


Fiverr has restricted my account without any proper reasons. I’m really fed up. I had good 5 star reviews more than 60 and never had a bad reviews. i never violated any fiverr policies also. Suddenly they restricted. when I asked why fiverr customer support people said i have more than one account , so they have restricted. But actually I don’t have more than one. I don’t know who else having the account in same name. Fiverr didn’t analyze anything about it and just restricted my account.

Fiverr team should have to analyzed whatever the accounts which they mentioned and took a decision before restricted my account. I had a good account more than three months with only good reviews but they didn’t analyze it and didn’t care of anything and restricted. They should have analyzed and restricted he account which is not active. But they restricted my one. I don’t know why. And I’m really disappointed. I never shared any of my personal details or never violated any rules. Really disappointed about it. They are not doing any analysis about the issue and just blasted my account. I’m thinking they have to be responsible and analyze the issues more and take count on other human beings.


Are you saying that you had two accounts, but that one wasn’t active, and that they should have restricted the inactive one?

If that’s the case, you did have two accounts (and now you have 3, since you created this one to be able to post on the forum).


I only had one active account with the good reviews. They restricted that only. I don’t know about the other accounts that they mentioned. I said they should have restricted that other accounts which they mentioned instead of my account.

After they restricted my account i have created this new account to use the forum and get any helps.


Well… the only thing you can do is talk nice and explain the situation honestly in a support ticket, because even though you weren’t using the other account, you had more than one account and that’s a violation of the ToS.

Happy holidays!


Thank you. But actually I had one. Other accounts were not mine. I did talk. i explained and talked nicely as well. They replied only one reply and went silent.

Thank you. And Happy holidays to you also


I agree with the others. You literally have no other option than to try and continue that conversation in a respectful and peaceable manner, as no one on this forum will be able to change anything for you (the admins here rock but are not able to resolve your case)

So try again, just don’t submit multiple tickets at the same time. Generally, only submit one ticket per issue, and follow up using that ticket number. You need to reply to their email with another explanation.


What does that mean?


Thank you very much. I have sent another mail also as you said. I’ll see and update . But I’m really fed up. I have maintained with all good reviews and not any negativity.

Any way I will see. Thank you.