Fiverr has ruined my birthday


So it’s my birthday, and I was counting on $236 becoming available so I could spend it for a good time. The time has come and gone for the funds to be released, and even though it says that I have it in “Available Funds”, I am unable to withdraw it to my PayPal account. Fiverr has officially ruined my birthday when all I really needed was for one thing to go right for me right now. I sent them a message 4 hours ago, but I’m not expecting to hear back from them any time soon. They normally take at least a week to get back to me. So for all of the time I have put in, and all of the money I have made Fiverr, they have screwed me over and destroyed my chances at a happy birthday.

Thanks alot.


The actual release of funds deadline is “eventually” and probably always will be. Really can’t rely on it.

It donks that this messed up your plans, but there are plenty of ways to make your day better- Chin up and stay positive, spend time with friends, love the things you have.

Happy Birthday!