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Fiverr HAS stolen MY ****** dog!

I had A gig CALLED I will WRITE your MESSAGE on RICE and PUT it ON my DOGGIES nose and toes…

it SOUNDS crazy BUT don’t CALL me CRAZY I AM not with a spot.

OW my EYES rolling ow and wow…


fiverr TOOK my GIG down AND CS rep RON sed BUYERS complained I delivered PICTURES of JUST rice and mice.

I realized THEN that MY dog WAS gone with ron.

Fiverr STOLE my DOG andy von mandy.


EFF bee EYE!!

Admin having fun :smiley:

REWARD!!! Fiverr Admin on the loose. If you happen to see a CRAZY EYE rolling Lady who appears to be looking for her dog please return her to the Admin Moderator shelter for evalution.

Damn, the spam is getting to me. I can well imagine how it’s affecting the mods. Let’s hope the development team finds a permanent solution.

Thank for the great tip, it will help.



You are so welcome! I glad u like tip! I take it from no one except the guy with the cup of pencils.

NO! NO! I wont’ go this time! Put THAT white BAD jacket DOWN! and stay far away!!

hee HEE

Ok, now, @emmaki, you made a challenge.

I lived up. Your turn. Unless you’re scared…

Your rants are comical. If you want to rant, you should rant like my epic rants on Indian politics…LOL…I am still recovering from that.

All the bots coming in from India shows that running any wordpress theme can always be hacked. Developers can have a band-aid solution but if someone wants to hack they will.

@edume if you are referring to the spam on the forum, this is not hacking. This is just spam using a specific piece of software for a specific purpose

There’s a difference between actual hacking and using a pre-made script kiddie spam bot, one involves some actual skill, the other you can teach a chimp how to do!
Obviously the Fiverr devs haven’t heard of the Ruby Toolbox, LOL.

@markp Either way you see it, it’s a hack. Someone is disrupting another businesses property. That’s a hack. Depending on where you live in the world and especially in the US, if caught could mean a court appearance and possibly jail time. A website is a property of that company or person’s business.

So would you consider this hacking?

@edume Hacking(((gaining unauthorized access to data in a system.

People love the word hack now because of media and all the references to “hacks” as ways to do something more powerfully. It could be positively or negative. You see blogs on cooking “hacks” or gardening “hacks” and just life hacks. It’s a silly buzzword now.

@esthernyambura gave the real definition. Spam is just spam. Technically, the forum isn’t a major part of the real business on Fiverr either. Fiverr wouldn’t use WordPress for that. The spam is very, very annoying but it’s not anything all that dramatic.

Think you need to learn the difference between hacking and spamming, LOL.

Obviously the dog was being mistreated. I mean, what possible explanation could there be otherwise? A dog’s life has been saved…by Fiverr. I smell a blog post.

“Saving dogs, one gig at a time!”

Catchy, no?