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Fiverr has taken my gig from 1st page to the last page. How can I resolve it?

Hi Folks,
I hope you are fine. :blush:
I’m so wondering. Please I need your help. Thanks! :disappointed:

I’m still doing good work on Fiverr. I did not any canceled orders on Fiverr yet. I have done 100+ orders and I have a total of 72 reviews in which only 2 reviews are 4.3 and 4.7 and the rest are 5 stars on that gig. My gig was rank. I daily checked my gig for 4 to 5 months, it was rank on the 1st page even sometimes it was also on number 1.

My problem:

1 or 2 weeks ago,
I had changed my requirements message for the buyer in the requirements section in this gig. After doing that, my gig is gone from 1st page to the last page. But after that, I got 4 orders which are 5 stars but my gig still did not come on the previous position.

As you know, it’s not my fault. I had changed only my buyer requirements in this gig. I did not change and title, description, or any tag. I did change only the requirement. But Fiverr takes my gig from 1st page to the last page. I had changed only my requirements. I always deliver orders on time and reply to every client on the time. Fiverr did not do justice to me.

I’m doing very well work on Fiverr but Fiverr did not help me. Guys, after reading my problem now you can understand that I’m doing well but Fiverr did not justice. Please help me. How can I bring my gig to the previous position? Thanks!

My gig was ranking on this keyword (Skin Retouching). There is only 1000 gigs but now my gig is on the last page after change the requirements in that gig… :sob:

Please help me. I’ll be very thankful to you from the bottom of my heart. :heart_eyes:

This is gig link:


The first step would be to use search feature on forum because we already know the answer for this and we already talked about this.

Fiverr rotates gigs.

If you change gig that is ranking good you lose rank. It will come up in two-five months again, maybe sooner.


Come on, we are not kids here. What justices are you talking about? It’s a competitive marketplace where competition is a number one rule.
Any changes to your gig can take you out of search. Even you not changing anything still might take your gig out of search because it’s your time to be rotated.


Stop changing the category of your post to a random one.

Since you are linking to your gig, the “Improve my Gig” category is the only one you can post this in.

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Sorry! actually, I’m new here so that’s why I don’t not know it very well. I’ll learn about the use of forum day by day. Thanks!

:arrow_right:See Forum Rules, Fiverr ToS and a summary of Community Guidelines .

It’s important to understand how everything works, both on the platform and the forum.

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Ok great. I did not know before. I check this. Thank you so much for your guidance.

Ok thank you so much for your kind help. :blush: