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Fiverr has the worst ID verification

I like Fiverr but they have the worst ID verification system. I must of have tried over 4 times to verify my ID and still get the same error that their system can not verify my ID. Now my account is Blocked and I can’t seem to get anyone at customer support to help me. What’s also worst is that I could not find a contact number to actually speak to a live person about this issue.


Did you open a ticket with support? Did they reply to you?

Fiverr support is usually pretty good and helpful for those who couldn’t verify their identity and their account got automatically blocked.
Usually when they reply they reopen ID verification for you again.

There is a huuuuge topic on ID verification here on the forum where people discussed what could’ve gone wrong and how to ensure that your ID and photo passed by the system


HI Mariashtelle1

Yep I opened a ticket when I first reported the issue. A customer service rep did reach out to me and basically tell me to resubmit my ID with better quality. I tried it again with photos that are clear as it can be. My account is still blocked. The support person closed my ticket and now I can’t get anyone to respond back. I just opened another ticket. Let’s see how it goes.

Let me give you a tip that I found out myself. If they give you a try, dont upload a photo taken from your mobile. Instead, go to a studio or ask a friend or someone to take photo from their DSLR camera. Once the photo is taken, save it in your phone. On verification page, click on upload and upload that DSLR picture and your account will be verified then. I was in the same problem and this got it solved like this.

Thank you, Pvitalsolutions. I’ll try that. This has been a nightmare. I opened up a second ticket and have not heard back from support and it’s been almost 1 full day already.

Does anyone know a specific person at Fiverr I can contact? Customer Service has been giving me the same solution to retry my ID verification process. I must of tried about 7 times already. I really don’t know what to do. I done everything Customer Service suggested, my photos are as clear as it can be and still my account is still disabled.

Check this topic out: SUCCESSFUL Fiverr ID Verification: Here's what you need to know

Also this:

@risk_consultant I guess you havent tried the method I asked you to.

Pvitalsolutions - I can’t upload a photo taken from a DSLR. The ID Verification now has to be done via Mobile phone. Therefore, I have to take a photo using my mobile phone during the verification process. There is no option to upload a photo. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus and the photos taken on this mobile phone is high resolutions. My photos are as clear as it can get. I’m a lost at what is missing here.

Thanks, Lloydsolutions

I have read this twice already and did everything as instructed. Still nothing. I am thinking there is something missing on Fiverr’s side that the customer service rep is over looking.

Maybe try from a different phone. Perhaps an ios or a different samsung device. Usually there is a upload button on every phone. From mobile even there is a upload button, thats what I did.

Alright everyone. I finally got my ID verified. I finally got a hold of a customer service rep that actually knew what she was doing and was familiar with my issue. Exactly as I thought, the error was on Fiverr’s side and not mine.

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From what I’ve read on the forum, it’s a hit-and-miss with CS. It’s like you have to wish for someone who gets your problem and not immediately close the issue til its solved. Glad to know you got that sorted!

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