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Fiverr has the worst support system ever

These guys just don’t work, all they have is a automated reply.

So the thing is 1 buyer ordered and a gig from me. And after that he never came online, because of which my order is late. I have requested fiverr support 3 times, 1st to contact the buyer on their mail id so they can reply, I didn’t got any reply from that juts their stupid autoreply. And then I requested 2 times to cancel the order as the order was being late and the buyer didn’t came online.

Now my order is 10 days late and no reply from them still. These guys don’t work. Fiverr have the worst support system.

They are supposed to do reply within 24 hours and now its 10 days.

I have still replied on the ticket infact many times on the same ticket, but no reply action from their side.

they have no support for the sellers, They are not even active.


Welcome to Fiverr!

I had similar issue with a buyer, in my experience if a seller can’t get response from a buyer then similar case happen with Fiverr team, they will not give you reply unless they get a response from buyer. In my case, buyer was ill and got admitted in hospital, after some days, he replied me and also responds back to Fiverr query & issue got resolved, therefore, I will recommend you to not blame any side until buyer comes back.

Then what fiverr support is for?

They should reply or even tell us that they are also trying to reach out to the buyer. But giving no reply is not a solution my dear. You issue got resolved. In many cases buyer comes online but don’t reply because they know they have no loss, because seller cannot deliver without getting the confirmaton from the client. Did you understand my point now.

If the Fiverr can’t do anything then they should change their name from fiverr support to something else. Because they give support from nowhere.

We give our 20% of the sales to them just so we can get some security and support form them. But in their case they do nothing.


When he ordered a gig, did you have all materials and information for work?

it was a writing and publishing service I cannot do the work unless I get approval for content from them.

You could deliver the final result and wait for his reply, for revisions, if needed.
And Fiverr CS Team - remember, that they are humans, not robots - they can’t work 24 hours per day.

Just imagine, that they get thousands of requests every second! They can’t reply immediately - we have to be patient and thancful for their work.

I know they can’t be active 24/7 that’s why they have teams in the shift, also I was waiting but they marked the request as solved without giving any reply which is not a nice attitude though and no one is this busy it’s more than 18 days now
it’s not called busy this is carelessness

You can send another one request and explain the situation - this is not about carelessness, this is more about hundreds of peple send requests and questions, when they can find the answers in ToS, for example, and CS team get it again and again, every second. Maybe, they just accidentally missed your question. Also, at the same time, you can ask to extend the delivery time - the buyer will see it sooner or later.

And I will always tell - if everything is too bad, you can choose another freelance platform.

You know nothing about fiverr support, they ask not to create 2 request for the same order because they have to review hundreds of questions. SO they don’t have to waste their time on the request they have already answered.

and Yes I’m using other platforms aswell.