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Fiverr has TOS. Does your gig?

We have all suffered a buyer who did not understand what your gig did, and did not include. That can cause at the very least, frustration and at worst, cancellations and disputes, which are now more important than ever. We all need to make sure our gigs really explain details, so I asked my assistant Miss Dixie to break it down. Hope you like.


Wow! You look so different at weekends Mike!

Miss Dixie does really good videos. Like really good.


The best part is that I threw a rough script at Dixie and she took it and ran with the creativity! Bravo Miss Dixie.



:heart: Dixie Lynn, she’s amazing!

She takes a few words and runs with it! In the right direction of course. :smile:

I ordered a gig from her and it was smashing!!! :star::star: :star: :star: :star:

Admit it, she’s really, really good-looking, too. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Goes without saying :heart:


That amazed me too, the one I posted on the forum was just a few words with a hint at what I wanted, and she made it comic greatness! I think she needs a gig for comedy scripts! (hint hint @thedixielynn)

Nice video, Mike! I’m jealous.


Miss Dixie is becoming a household name here on Fiverr. Well done Dixie – (and everyone who is utilizing her services as well). :slight_smile:


Who are they? Do I need them hire them now before they get banned for not being in the “editorial focus”?

I highly doubt that Fiverr is going to get rid of voice overs and video messages. Not so long as they are desperately needed by businesses who are trying to look professional.

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Oh my, I just looked at the video messaging gigs in the search bar.

"I will create a gangster mobster mafia puppet video "

“I Will Record Your British Puppet Video Messages And Announcements”

“I will have jesus personally deliver your video message”

If only I had more money

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I need to hire this guy to make a message to send to people who annoy me

Damn it I wish I had seen these gigs back in 2011 when I had a lot more spare cash

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Holy blasphemy codex :hushed:

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He has a dog called Judas.
Search for him on Twitter - You are welcome.
Edit: I mean search for Jesus, not the dog.

Also, I missed saying something about Seek and Ye Shall Find AND that he had followers before it was mainstream. Oh well.


Wow, he is actually going to be a TRS soon as well!

I believe he was the first ever TRS.
Following his shiny gold star was how his first clients found him.

Ok, I’ll stop now before someone gets cross.


You’re going to be the death of me :laughing::rofl::joy:

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THIS is what I am talking about! Not only does he work from Fiverr, but he also has his own website where he allows for custom orders as well. This is vital in terms of diversifying to me.

So many people find great success on Fiverr, and then they just assume that Fiverr will always exist forever. If there is a market, you can make a website and market it. I wish more people would do this.

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He was actually part of the PDP debacle and was temp banned from Fiverr.
The next day he went and did a site, focused on his youtube (with some PDP love) and has been crushing it on social media since. He does regular live streams, and lots of other stuff.

Getting banned by Fiverr was probably the making of him in some ways.
Meanwhile, everyone else panics because they lost a level and their only solution is to incessantly moan about it on the forum.
Perhaps we need @socalchrist to come and explain how to resurrect a career when all seems lost.


IK, R!? Not only is losing a level NOT the worst thing in the world, but it should motivate you to work harder and to diversify, not whine about it as if all is lost. Or worse, shifting the blame as if it is 100% Fiverr’s fault that they were demoted.

In my opinion, if your entire livelihood depends on Fiverr, it isn’t much of a career. That is why I dislike all the “exclusively on fiverr!!!” gigs. What if you get banned, or the editorial focus changes? What if Fiverr goes bankrupt? Now what?

If someone is really focused on this as a career, they would work to diversify so when everything goes south in one sector, the alternative shouldn’t be Taco Bell or Walmart.

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They won’t get rid of the category, but they may ban individual sellers if they want to project a certain image… (i.e., socalchrist has been banned an un-banned before…)