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FIverr has wrongfully frozen my account for now 3 months Pending an investigation they're really not doing, just excuse to do over honest sellers

Before I go into story I’ve been a 7 y ear customer on fiverr…

Within past years I started to offer gigs, and have never received sale outside of fiverr…

I have a news website, I needed a telegram bot coded and have code for a coder to start on. I asked Coders via fiverr (which due to fiverr doing/being in the wrong freezing my account, I had to learn it myself). So I asked Sellers to code a telegram bot and post code there.

The Fiverr message system (as its not a live chat) flagged me for asking sellers to discuss code on the medium I wanted coded.

It has now been 3 months, Fiverr has frozen not only my seller account and have lost a way to make money and support myself, but they froze my buying account. This is absolutley wrong. I have patiently waited 3 months now for an answer. Which there won’t be. Just excuses.

Ontop of all this, Fiverr has blocked my IP sending and giving out fiverr links and posting it in places as if I was spamming. I didnt even have any active gigs. Nor was even posting it to people. So If a friend needs a job down, I search on fiverr, i then post a link (fiverr tagged me won’t let it happen).

I did nothing wrong. I havn’t ever steared fiverr from not receiving a dollar (which they take a huge chunk of what you make.) In my opinion, They own the service thus can do anything they want to you. So my suggestion is if you work solely on fiverr they can freeze your income, they can stop you from buying things for your business. This place is wrong as I’ve done nothing.

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