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Fiverr has your back. Latest chargeback experience. Great news

I’ve just noticed that one of my buyers disputed 2 orders and this time apart of the usual emails fiverr send informing me about the disputes, I also received the following email

My cancellation ratio wasn’t affected and no money deducted from my account which is a great news. I didn’t even have to contact CS like before.

I think there are general changes regarding the chargebacks. You can read at
By reading the article it seems that I’ve had Fraud Chargebacks.

Really happy that fiverr has made so important changes regarding the chargebacks.


That’s great news! Thanks for sharing that. Fiverr has made a great effort in the last year in particular to protect sellers. I think they have also worked with some payment providers about this.

That’s why I don’t like to see fiverr bashed as always supporting buyers in disputes because I see fiverr really standing behind sellers a lot.


That’s awesome! I’m happy for you. We needed a good news story in the forum!

Great news! i only heard from fiverr :laughing: