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Fiverr hasn't reply to my request for over 3 days now

Hey guys,

I was wondering if ya’ll have the same problem before? Previously, Fiverr used to reply to my requests within like 12 hours, most of the time within 6, but recently, when I requested a refund for orders, they haven’t replied in 3 days. I’m really worried because it’s past the 14 days deadline now so the sellers would be entitled to get the money out.

What happened was that I requested for x number of views on an article, and as it was an express gig, the seller delivered first, and by the time I realised the gig was not delivered fully, I told myself, it’s okay, and then ask the seller to"forward" whatever was left to my next order. Hence it accumulated and when it reached the 10th gig I told myself I had it because the last order was simply pathetic. Kinda stupid I did that in hindsight.

Hence, since all the orders were marked as complete and my dear seller decide to close the gig completely, I decided to contact the Fiverr staff for a refund. That’s when the problem comes in. I contacted them within 14 days of the purchase, but they haven’t replied me in over 3 days now and the chances of me getting back my refund looks increasingly bleak.

I’m also kinda worried that with the heightening amount of sellers, the quality and speed of the support goes down, and most services are not properly vetted thru and thus we get sub-standard service that brings us back to square one and make us have to go thru this tiresome process of getting a refund again.

So let me know guys, if Fiverr has been taking a long time to reply to you guys as well.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Fiverr gets many cases and questions.

Some can take 5 hours other 2, 3 or even 4 days.

Best of luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys | 2014

From the second you marked those gigs as complete the chances of getting a refund went down to virtually nil…even if it was before the 14 day period ended.

Fiverr can actually give refunds after the 14 day period (they take it out of any funds that the seller has accumulated). However, the chances of them doing that are very slim and would need to be within exceptional circumstances.

We are all on the same boat… One of my Buyer 2 months ago placed an order and one after another continued to add additional requirements and then finally we settled where I agreed to do additional work and he agreed to finally accept the order. Now, all of a sudden after 2 months he has few more new request and wanted to get it done under the same previous order… I refused and he left a negative feedback.

I contacted support and no replies even after 2 days… So, it is like there is no support for Sellers either live like this or let someone else take your seat… Quiet Ironic!