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Fiverr have a Problem

I have been on Fiverr for many years, now I see that they have a problem,don’t know what is it, but I know that is big one.

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Wow, some food for thought right here.


Care to enlighten us?


The problem is that people think:

a) one day is 24 hours long - WRONG!!

One day is how long it takes Earth to make one full rotation

B) One month is 30-31 days - WRONG!!!

One month is how long it takes for the Moon to make one full rotation around Earth

c) One years is 365 days - WRONG!!!

One year is how long it takes Earth to make one full rotation around the Sun.

d) Sun is star, not planet.

e) When you go to gym you are masslifting not weightlifting. When you gain or lose on scale, you lose mass not weight.

Mass is in kilos or tones or pounds. Weight is expressed in newtons and depends on gravity.


“You don’t know what it is” is the big problem, I guess. :thinking:


Who the hell thinks the sun is a planet?

Also, you are weightlifting. Yes, it depends on gravity. But gravity is, for all humans on earth, and all intents and purposes, constant. So it’s the same saying you lose mass or you lose weight for all practical purposes as long as you are doing it on earth.

And we all know, practical purposes are all that matter. And on this note, one month is indeed 30-31 days, except february. I don’t care about the moon, I care about when I have to pay my bills.


It goes like this:
If you are in Math class, mass and weight are the same, you are good to go.

If you are in Physics class, mass and weight are the same - you fail without chance of attempting the exam ever again.

80% of my Boat leader course candidates, and recently I have some with flat Earth movement…

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Physics class? That one where they talk about perfect spheres, and frictionless surfaces as if they exist? Lol. I deal with the real. In the real world, mass=weight.


Better acceleration.

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What kind of problem? How do you know there’s a “big problem”, if you don’t know what that perceived problem is? Random declarations usually come across as vague and and undefinable if there are no details to support your claims.

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