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Fiverr Have Changed Website Text Font

Wow! Have you noticed that fiverr changed their website text font? It’s looking good to my. Looks fresh than previous text font. :heart_eyes: :hugs:


same here loved the updated fonts and logo


Wow, so much cleaner

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Yes, it looks very fresh and clear. :heart_eyes:

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Yeah i have seen that. Its clear and fresh then before


It looks better. Thanks to Fiverr.

Yes, now I see this.

Yeah ,It looks nice :blush:

Yes, I also notices that :heart:

Font name: Macan


Yeah! Its looks amazing now…


I also see overall looking better and clean.
But I think font selection was not perfect . Overall should change to other better fonts.
Look below picture, all " i " is look like " l "
Also check the inbox or notification box of buyer’s name. Same thing is also here.
I hope fiverr will fix it.


Everything just looking strange when I opened my fiverr today. But I think it will be fine for me within next two days. Actually if we become used to with something for a long time and it changes suddenly it looks strange. Isn’t it. But there is a problem with the letter ‘i’. They should choose a better font. Fiverr forum’s font is not changed yet.

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fiverr also changed their logo

Yes. This is a point.

Yeap, there is dot under it, which was not there before as i can remember.

Yes. It looks amazing now

Previous font [2010] is better. I guess I’m the only one on this.

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not a fan of the new font tbh. the letters/numbers don’t seem to share a uniform x-height which makes the letters look like they’re bouncing and it’s straining my eyes :weary:

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Yes its looks great. but i want to see New orders with this New Font

Well, except for their ToS page. :crazy_face: