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Fiverr Have Changed Website Text Font

Yeah the updated fonts is pretty dope

I personally don’t like the new font at all. It is too bald, and doesn’t look that good in general. The text is too big on some places, while on other places, the text just merges itself. Each number is at different levels. In my opinion, the font is not good for my or any other human eyes. :-1:t2:

Anyways, Fiverr’s (Fi) 2020’s theme is Sci-fi. That explains why they want it to be like that.

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Lokking nice the font but logo is better the previous one

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Nice font fiverr used in their Logo. Its modern logo. I really like this logo. :slightly_smiling_face:

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same here loved the updated fonts and logo

In addition, the website’s homepage looks better changed.

yes, its looks amazing

Hi. today i check my fiverr account . this time i saw fiverr changed website Test font . it’s look great