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Fiverr have just destroyed my business


I recieved an email from Fiverr today telling me that they have pulled virtually all my gigs! These are the same gigs that I have had on Fiverr for many, many years, which have been distributed to well over half the planet. I was told that they have been removed because they contained adult, or offensive content. My gigs are comedy gigs! Ther are basically Birthday greeting videos delivered by Comedy characters dressed in spedos and funny hats. 99.9% of my reviews for many years have been 5 star. Without exception they are regarded as hilarious. NEVER has anybody complained that they were innapropriate, or offensive. and now Fiverr have just removed them, completely destroying my business. I cannot understand why they would do this.

My business has just been destroyed by Fiverr

Sorry to hear this, while I have not been a customer (yet) I did enjoy some of the videos you made for others.

Not that it is any consolation, this seems to be a move that Fiverr has been making over the last few months with many video gigs being pulled. I hope you can find another place to sell your unique services - I have heard through the grapevine that a number of sellers, such as those “funny guys”, who went through a similar thing have been doing well elsewhere, whether with their own sites or with other platforms.


As a recipient for one of your fabulous videos, I’m really sorry to hear this. :slightly_frowning_face:


So sorry to hear this! :crying_cat_face:


Hey, WelshBloke!

Nooooooooooooooo say it isn’t so. :flushed:

All of your gigs?! :weary::sob:

Oh my goodness, I just want to cry right now. It was an absolute pleasure working with you. You are a professional and GREAT at what you do. I’m truly saddened to hear this news.

I :heart: your gigs and was looking forward to ordering more. This truly sucks BANANAS, did you get an email stating out of ‘editorial focus’ spiel?



Sir Nigel’s still there - hooray! :slightly_smiling_face:


Please, Fiverr we need Sir Nigel in our lives. Btw~ @welshbloke Offlinehelpers is Lorna, she and her friends loved the video.

Birthday greeting videos are so much fun and harmless. What chaps my arse is other shady gigs remains that are eyebrow-raising. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I just don’t understand it, this category brings smiles, cheer & laughter.


They just said that they did not pass review due to “offensive, adult or inapproriate” content :frowning:


Not after today though, sadly. Looks like my time is up :frowning:


Can you put them up in any other way do you think - keep the bobble hat and put a shirt on maybe?


Oh, no! Can you ask them if you wear more clothes; would it help in bringing back your gigs?


The bizarre mode of dress was the unique selling point of the gig - Otherwise, it’s just a bloke singing “Happy Birthday”


How about wearing thongs over trousers or leggings?


You’re right, Fiverr could easily attach a disclaimer to certain gigs. People enjoy the FUN stuff, why so serious all of a sudden? Btw~ I see you still have one gig up! I was going to recommend boxers or long johns, but I’m sure people would get offended. Grr.


i am so sorry about that :confused:


The bizarre mode of dress was what made the gigs unique - Otherwise, it’s just a bloke singing “Happy Birthday”. I’mm going to have to do some thinking…


I get that, I was trying to come up with something that’s also bizarre, just keeping you more covered. :slight_smile:


I would put up content that isn’t is more conservative, while still providing clients what they seek. Possibly take some rel examples offsite and bring them back to Fiverr to purchase. Don’t know if this would help for sure, just throwing some thoughts out there.


I just found funny guys on youtube. They have a large following and have monetized their videos. It’s quite impressive, the way they are expanding to other areas, with very good videos. It’s nice to see them succeeding.