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Greetings everyone,
I am a new seller on fiverr, I won’t be asking about quick tips to get more orders or like that I have read enough forms and know that you just have to take care of the basics and should have enough patience.
All I want is for you guys to review my check list and give me some suggestions if I skip something. Here’s a link to my profile

1)I have created gigs optimum to my preferences but would love to hear your reviews and suggestions about improving them
2)I check buyers requests daily and try to send 10 of 'em each day.
3) currently have 5 gigs but am going to increase them to 7 pretty soon.
4)I don’t share my gigs on social media for now, does it make much difference or should i start sharing 'em.

I hope if I keep this up I will get an order soon but I would still love to hear your opinions and suggestions.

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You pretty did everything you can. What you can correct is to be original. I saw that image on two other fiverr profiles:


If that’s yours, you may contact them and inform them to remove it, or they may get banned. (I will contact you and send you their profile links).

That’s a rule which apply to all of your gigs. Remove your gig images which you stole from somewhere else and replace them with original ones you’ve made.

Your description and prices are ok, BUT…

Revisions! Be carefull of that! Put maximum 5 revisions and minimum 2. But never put UNLIMITED and here is why:

There are buyers who like to play with sellers. Will never leave you althought the work you did is outstanding.

Hope that helps!

You’ve got a gig called " I Will Do 100 Photos Background Removal Within 24 Hours".
How is a buyer supposed to order your gig so that you will remove the background from 100 images within 24 hours? None of the packages allow for 100 images in 24 hours (the only one that says 100 images says it has a delivery time of 5 days).

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Thanks, your review was pretty helpful.
I just finished my banner for the gig and updated it.
As far as the revisions are concerned since I am a new seller so I want to do anything that can bring me customers and makes me stand out, I completely agree with you about such buyers( I have already faced one in the past) but it is a thing that I can bear for a first order. Once I start to get orders I will surely reduce the number of revisions and raise the prices a bit.

Yup you are right.
I constantly change my gig titles and choose ones that are in trend in order to get more views and clicks, I saw some of the gigs and came up with this one. You can not buy this service from the gig packages because I have to discuss the project, know what kind of images I am dealing with and some other queries. Most of them are answered in the requirements panel but not all hence the only way I could find was to make a custom offer when all of my queries are answered.