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It’s been 15 days since I generated tickets to the Fiber Cellar Help Center and mailed them but haven’t received any feedback yet. What can I do?

It’s unfortunate that CS is overwhelmed at the moment and is taking a very long time to respond.

My theory is that the queue overflows and can’t cope with the number of tickets being raised.

You could try sending an email to with the ticked number in the subject line and a request to attend to it …


I mailed them a week ago with a link to my gig but haven’t received any feedback so far.

Unfortunately in some categories of customer support there are many people, it may seem annoying but you don’t have to worry because fiverr is a reliable platform that tries to help its users, in case you can try to contact them it could be that the request has not been stored

@mdfazlayrabby - include the open ticket number, not the gig link