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Fiverr Help For delivery late

Delivery is late . Now my delivery rate up to 75% and I have complete in another job in today But the delivery rate did not increase . I need 90% but how to do??


it depends your total last 60 days total work …

rate = total works *100 / on time delivery completed orders (last 60days)

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How many more jobs can I do that could be 90%?

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if you complete total 9 order on time and late 1 order then it will show you 90% …

N.A: it calculate only last 60days result .

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I have complete 10 order and one order late but its still show 75 % is bad luck for me

i hope you completed less then 10 order in the last 60 days…

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It will not changed over night, in fiverr you can lose everything within a second but tho achieve those things will need a huge time

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I have compete already 10 order

Understand this is bad luck for me
Thank you so much for response

I am sure your first order you completed … it was more than 60days ago…
check the Analytics

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I have a suggestion for you !
use this regulations center to extend the time before you deliver .
Convince you client …


understand …
Thank you so much

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