Fiverr HELP ME - 48 hours with open tickets and 0 reply


What’s happening with fiverr support team? I’ve sent dozens of messages and no reply, 48 hours passed and I really need help.


I can wait, the problem is … a few buyers waiting the moment to give me thumbs down, and I’ve announced fiverr 2 days ago about this and that I’m having problems with them and now the 24 hours fiverr deadline is coming really soon and the orders are still active and I’m so stressed out right now :frowning:


Sorry my English is not very good. I’m having difficult buyers, i’ve asked them for cancel request and they declined, now the deadline is really soon (1-2 hours) and they can cancel the order with fail to deliver on time, means thumbs down and even if I’ve asked fiverr for help (usually they reply fast and offer support) now nothing from them :frowning: and I’m going crazy lol