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Fiverr helped me improve artistically so much! Was it the same for you?


I love being on this site, honestly.

I started out a few months ago, with an illustration gig (then expanded, but that’s another story) and I never expect it to be such a challenge!

Being on fiverr and having people order that gig pushed me out from my comfort zone!

I had to tackle new areas and new subjects, even new techniques…sometimes I wanted to crawl under my bed because I started thinking how come I’m only drawing X right now, why have I never studied etc and felt lowly as an artist…but most of the time I felt productive, charged, creative! I felt like I was doing this now for more than myself, and it has been pushing me more and more to get better with my art!

I know there are lot of artists on fiverr - what were your major challenges? Did you improve on fiverr? Any interesting stories?


I learned a lot of new things depending on my gig. Each gig bring something new to try and improve upon my existing skills. I am grateful to fiverr and buyers who trusted me on the projects. Each new gig gives me some confidence towards life. I hate to see dashboards without notifications lol

By the way, just checked your illustration gig, you have some excellent illustrations (space alien one and one more hard to name for me ). I may have to forward some of my book authors to you for illustration. You will surely rock as top rated seller if you focus on illustration skills. Good luck and keep it up. :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t say it has made me a better artist, but is has shown me there is surely a market for my unique style of art.


Reply to @ryuken: I know how you feel about notifications xD they kinda give you a definite, sure purpose for the day. all may change, but fiverr duties are there to stay and be done.

thank you, i’m glad you like it. you’re too kind! <3

good luck to you too!


Reply to @kjblynx: that sounds great (pun intended)!

have you ever compared an old vs new recording to see how the quality shifted?


Reply to @darklimitarts: haha, well, there is a market for every type of art, we just have to find it!


Reply to @bachas85: definitely! you gain so much more insight into what you can do!