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Fiverr helped me marry the the QUEEN


After years of hard work as a graphic designer, engaged with a beautiful woman who has supported me all the time and I couldn’t earn the money to get married a build a happy family, because I was always worried about the income.

(They pay very low prices for a perfect design + print here in Albania, maximum wage 150 euro/month)

My friend told me about Fiverr 3 months ago.Desperately with no hope joined Fiverr, trying to move on and live a better life while doing what I do, DESIGN.

Spent two days to do some examples for my gigs, then joined Fiverr , uploaded the examples as my boss wouldn’t let me use the work that I did on my Fiverr gigs, he said that he will fire me.

After 24 hours got 3 - 4 orders, after 3 days I already did 10 positive completed orders. And in 1 month I already completed 60 orders and achieved the level 2 requirements.

Orders started to flow and I was a bit afraid that I couldn’t deliver on time, worried about negative reviews and stuff like that.Quited the job, and started to work exclusively on Fiverr, that was a feeling that I didn’t have before.

People like my stuff I offer, and they want more.

After 3 months, i just made 1000$ dollars working just on Fiverr.

And yes, I AM GONNA MARRY HER two months from now :slight_smile:

I hope my wife does not see this. :slight_smile:

This is my story and I am proud of it.


Wow What a nice story. I also want to be like you. :slight_smile:


Amazing story… Good Luck

I joined fiverr 4 years ago but I did not use it till last month. Once I started working on it seriously and updated my Gigs consistently I started getting orders in.

I am aiming to get atleast 15- 20 GIGs per day so I market it almost everyday. If you ever require business documents do let me know.


Very Inspirational man!

Congratulation and Good Luck! :slight_smile:



Woow…it’s really cool story.Good luck!!!


I’m from England and for a second there I thought you were Prince Phillip after reading the headline.

This is a great example of risk = reward.

Keep up the good work.