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Fiverr helped me with school


since i join fiverr it has help me with school making me able to attend classes and also get most of the tools needed i’m in the field of culinary i will continue to work hard even in the slow season thank you fiverr


I like your “show you my feet gig” lol That is as original as they come.:slight_smile:


I love the video you have and watched it over and over. You are having fun with this.


may i ask what video that is


thank you jey242


You’re welcome. Keep up the foot work! :slight_smile:


Awesome! Keep working at it and it will continue to help you even more :slight_smile:


I see it is now in a review as something you did for someone. I love that and wish you could keep it as your gig video so I can watch it whenever I want. Or maybe it was your buyer’s video, I am not sure. The one of the guy jumping off the cliff into the water.


Yeah where I’m from thats a popular way to pass the time on extremely hot and hazy days. Especially on the Family Islands.


I’ve spent a lot of time in the Islands but not Jamaica. The video makes me want to go there. Island life is the best.


Indeed :slight_smile:


your gigs are fun (i like them