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i am new on fiverr… I need some one to suggest me how to get more orders

Hi, i am new on fiverr Forum

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A new user with level-2 seller badge and 96 positive reviews maintaining 5.0 ratings. lol


How are you “New” when you’re already a level 2? Did you buy the account?


Using your own picture will get you more orders.


thankyou so much dear…


hello dear
thank you so much for your reply…
i am new on fiverr, its my 3rd month my dear…
and i am a experienced and professional designer , but i want to know how to get more orders


hi uncarved
I am well honey…thank you so much for asking…
How are you?
Nope… I didnt bought account, i made it myself…


then why are you saying you’re new when you’re a level two? That’s not being new.
And don’t call me honey, that’s condescending.


i want get rated as top seller my dear


then keep working for a few years. TRS is a long goal. Have patience and continue to do good work.


hi Zeeshan
thats my photo dear,


You are in good position :wink:
If you need more order :wink: deliver your gig fast. It might help your gig to rank high in search. High Rank > More order, More orders > delivered in quick time > Featured Gig > More More Orders :wink:


Thank you so much, but i am worried my impression and clicks getting down day by day


You getting sells :wink: So nothing to worry about it :wink:


i am worried my impression,clicks and views getting down day by day


thanks dear… i always deliever on time ,extra fast


hi dear
thank you so much for advice… that is really encouraging, i am feeling very happy to meet people like you… thanks for all your love


Stop using the word DEAR.

Next: It’s against Fiverr’s policy to purchase an account.

What now: Did you mean you wanted to become a TRS - well then edit your post description from “I’m new” to “I want.”