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Fiverr Helps With My Medical Bills

Several years ago i found out I had cardiovascular disease, it’s been a huge battle which I still continue to fight with 15 stents and 10 surgeries from a guy who never even got a cold. After the shock sunk in I had to try and figure out how to pay for everything insurance didn’t pay.

After searching the internet and bumping fiver I thought I had found the help I needed to start my crazy idea of combing an old Halloween costume. Sir Percy was born knight of Camelot. WOW a few years ago here on Fiverr I was so busy creating happy birthday greetings for everyone as time passed things started slowing down to next to nothing.

I’m sure many other folks are hurting as well with the decline in business. With a never give up attitude I believe it’s time to reinvent myself in a new gig. On a closing note a huge thanks to Fiverr for the helping hand.

Hey, great job with having Fiverr as income to help with the Medical Bills. I hope you are okay and I hope you are going to be okay! Good luck!

Always try new gigs if you have new ideas. It might grow until something really big. Only do it if you like to do it, don’t force yourself to do it.

  • Mike