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Fiverr hided my gig from searches second time


Hello, so a year ago my gigs dropped from 2k views in 1 week to 10 and i didn;t know why.
So i make like 10 tickets and the answer was always that my gigs were fine then a copy paste text with how can i improved myself.
So i;ve waited 5,6 months and nothing, and then it cross my mind to search my gig. And i could;t find it on the entire site.
I made a ticket again explaining the problem and then they said the problem is solved. And it was, i could find my gig but still no improving in sales, 2,3 per month from before were i had like 40 per month.
So since that huge error from the site i can;t get 3 orders per month, and now i;ve tried and search my gig again with same result.
I can;t find it, and i recorded all.
Is a way that i can report or sue the site?
i can;t have a single order since their mistake…
what can i do?

Huge error from the site

That would be like ‘biting the hand that’s fed you’.

You’ve made money from offering services on Fiverr in the past - should they ask for all your previous earnings back?


No,but they should’t give all sellers same treatment ?
This site claims that they are the best site in this domain.
Why they have such huge errors? Twice in my name


Fiverr doesn’t guarantee any gig will appear in their search.

Have a look for ‘editorial focus’ in previous forum threads.


and why is that? why in 36 pages with my gig name my gig doesn’t appear?
with my level 2 seller,4.9 score and 200 reviews,
and with this search shows up a lot of new seller with no orders, or level 1 with 4.8 score


I don’t know - you’d need to ask customer services. :slightly_smiling_face:

But asking how to sue Fiverr would seem like a really bad idea - good luck! :sunny:


i’ve asked, last time like 10 times and everything were ok until i;ve explain the exact error
and now i quess it;s the same,
you make a ticket and they say it;s okay without looking it up seriously


i don;t want to sue them but i want to treat their sellers seriously


If you open a store in a shopping mall, would you sue the mall if nobody buys from your store?

Fiverr doesn’t guarantee you sales, or that your gig will be anywhere in search.


You can try to change search tags, title or sub category, sometimes i’m also getting this problem, my all gigs hides from the search engine, then i use my best trick, just contact your old buyers and offer them low cost services, when they order your gig then automatically your gig will appear in search engine and your rank will also improve…


Sorry - it is against the ToS to contact previous buyers like this - you’re risking your account.


i never read this line, can you please share the link?


Not sure about that, the Fiverr help center has this bit here:

Note: If you previously completed an order for a buyer, you can access My Contacts to contact buyers. My Contacts enables you to keep in touch with Fiverr users you have interacted with in the past.


Obviously, they wouldn´t want anyone to spam previous buyers, but the way this is written, it doesn´t really sound as if it´s forbidden to contact them.


Here you go:

Phishing and Spam - Fiverr takes the matter its members’ security seriously. Any attempts to publish or send malicious content with the intent to compromise another member’s account or computer environment is strictly prohibited. Please respect our members privacy by not contacting them for commercial purposes without their consent.

Taken from here:

also, this may be useful:


Hm, those two Fiverr pages seem to clash a bit. And 'without their consent`? That would mean you would have to contact them to ask if you may contact them, unless they told you ‘Don´t contact me again!’ after their last order? :wink: :thinking:
I think the difference there might lay in previous buyers in my quote, whereas yours has our members.

edit: Then again, the ‘My contacts’ menu thingie seems to have gone with one of the previous UI updates while the text is still in the help center, so, who could know…


thanks for sharing, but in my case i have strong relation with my buyers and they really like my services to buy again and again, so when i offer them low cost services then every time they want to grab the deal, so what’s wrong with it…


That’s great that you have such relationships with your buyers, but not everybody reading your post may be in the same situation, and could find themselves being reported for spamming.

All I was doing was suggesting caution.


Its really cool, according to this article we can contact old buyers but if he/she marked it as spam then there will be trouble, but we should only contact only trusted buyers, not every buyer… :grinning:


Think you need to read the whole post…


yes, i will sue the mall if they come to my store and hide it from people.
if my gig is visible i get 30-40 orders per month like i used but the gig is not visible to people.
is not that they don;t want to buy from me