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Fiverr Holding Messages


Three times today I’ve had buyers send me their phone/email and ask me to contact them. Each time I replied with “I cannot contact you outside of Fiverr” both messages went through, but the one time I sent that response on an ORDER page (i.e. the buyer had paid. Fiverr, you weren’t going to lose any money), it was held!

Review can take up to 24 hours. Meanwhile, I sent it on the app so I didn’t realize it was held for review. The buyer soon contacted me saying “it’s been hours, I’ve contacted you. Why aren’t you responding!” And I had to explain to them what Fiverr did.

What a pain…Shouldn’t high volume, Level 2/TRS sellers get some credit? Jeez.


It is the phrase “outside of Fiverr” that is the problem.
Use a different phrase and it won’t be a problem.


I always use “Fiverr requires that all communication must be performed on this site”, which never triggered any flags.


I’ve never knew they withheld messages. I get a notice at least once a day when I add the term “email” and I’ve been fine.


I also used “pay” a few times, and nothing happened except that little red warning.

Maybe “outside of Fiverr” is worse than “pay” :stuck_out_tongue:


:thinking: Try combining pay + outside of fiverr and tell me what happens


I guess Fiverr would kick you “outside” to handle your own "pay"ments :stuck_out_tongue: