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Fiverr Holding my money and forcing me to work with specified buyer!

about 4 days ago and when i try to withdrawal my money i have faced this message

"Withdrawals are temporarily disabled for this account. Our team is working hard on getting this fixed as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience."

i have contacted the fiverr support team and they replied after 48 hours saying that one of my buyers is complaining from me !

so they are simply put my withdrawal money on hold instead of contacting me …

the joke is that buyer is called my last work as “Excellent work” and didn’t complain from my last work ever .

but he want me to do a new work and he trust no one else to do that … and he tried to message me but i take too much to responde so he decide to contact the support !

the questions now :

1- why support team holding my money !

2- why support team forcing me to do do his new work ?

3- why they take an action against me before asking him that he have to tell me with his “complains” first !

One of your clients might have complained to support and is waiting to get a refund. This might be one reason why they blocked your withdrawals.

Lol he wanted to do a quick one , gettng large sum then take a flight xD

Same issue was happened but believe me fiverr customer support was kind enough to lift ban on withdrawal of money from my account. Only they can resolve issue.

This is crazy, I have never heard anything like that. Did you tell them you no longer wish to work with this client?

try to send screenshot to Customer Support when buyer asked for extra work. It might help.

is this HOLD possible when someone asked for modification ?
i’m also stuck in this. HELP !!!

Reply to @annai80:
the buyer didn’t tell me about the complain , he is happy for the old work and asking for a new work !

Reply to @tfinry: It might be a different client!

Reply to @annai80: no the support team have mentioned the order number for me .
the buyer has called my previous work as excellent and asking for more work … and fiverr forcing me to do his new work !
now its 4 days till now from last replay from fiverr team and buyer , and they still holding my money for more than 8 days till now .

Reply to @tfinry: Fiverr just doesn’t hold the money for no reason. Maybe your buyer is suspicious. There might be a problem with a charge back or something.

Reply to @jamshed_khan:
after being forced by them to send a custom offer to the buyer they told me that my account will be reviewed in 15 days t

Reply to @annai80:
they said to me the only way to solve the problem to send a custom order to the buyer … so simply they forcing me to do the buyer work !

Reply to @annai80:
i have asked them what is the complains and why they are forcing me to accept the new work from the buyer and they didn’t answer me instead of that they are saying the only way to fix this issue is to ask the buyer to place a new order !

the buyer told me to do a "70 Task " with a cheap price and i have accepted that only to fix my withdrawal problem !

i am really cant understand that any buyer can force me to do a custom work that i didn’t mentioned in my gig , and the support team hold my money to enforce me to accept the work

the funny thing , even i have accepted the work … they are still holding my money and saying they will review my account in 15 days !