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I don’t know if they are testing it or what but I have a new look on the Fiverr main page. It’s horrendous. It’s crowded and has a new left sidebar that pushes everything else to the right. Everything on the page including text is downsized and harder to read. At the top right are two buttons with no images where you can search for audio or t-shirt gigs only. (Makes it look at a glance like nothing else is sold here.) Underneath that is a bunch of gigs that look like the featured type with thumbnails, but they are much smaller than they used to be and are only based on my previous views, not on overall best sellers. I seriously hope it isn’t going to stay this way. Anybody else see it?

That’s not what I’m seeing. Is it the same when you’re signed in as out?

Reply to @itsyourthing: Good question, I hadn’t tried it. I just did and no, it looks weird when I’m logged in. There is a sidebar on the left that caters to me as a buyer and prompts me in areas I’ve purchased. When I’m logged out the site looks like it did before. One weird thing is that the odd buttons at the top and the gigs below aren’t related to things I’ve bought on Fiverr. I’ve never used audio services or t-shirt design or voiceovers so they seem random. It looks awful. I’ve never added a screen shot but I’ll try to add one, I just hope it doesn’t come out huge.

Reply to @fonthaunt: I have never known a site that was so hell-bent on complicating things and doing it so poorly at that.

It looks bad. I wonder how many domino problems it’s responsible for.

You will see this only when you logged in. I saw this many times and i also find this horrendous.

Reply to @alexcreativity: The worst part for me is that I have to log out to look at a normal view and I often look at the page to see what gigs are up and down, etc. Since I buy and sell the few logged in caters to me as a buyer while my primary purpose here is selling. Blah. It makes me wish I had never bought a gig using my seller account, which is opposite of what Fiverr should encourage. Ok, mini-rant over. :wink:

Reply to @itsyourthing: I know. Well, at least since this is my thread I can hijack it myself. I predict the nutter’s acct will be gone within the day. Are you a gambler? :smiley: