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Fiverr, How about an UNDO Button?


Hi there,

I was just thinking, may be If I had an undo button in fiverr messages. only just for few seconds may be.

I think, it’s better for sellers and buyers too. May be It can be used for correcting a spelling mistake or adding something or delete something may be.

What do you think? :slight_smile:

Best Regards,



Great idea, I would totally support it.


Hey Sarah not a bad idea but I guess what we have to do now is read over alot before we actually send those messages, that sometimes happen to me when I am responding to some one and I have to be doing other things as well.


Reply to @annai80: Thank you! It’s good to know… :slight_smile:


Reply to @julipalmer7: hi, yes I was thinking the same… so I hope fiverr team will think about this too. :slight_smile:


OR Give the Edit button atleast


Reply to @pleasent: yes, that will work too… :slight_smile: Last few days , I needed it many times, , because of my busy schedule.


I couldn’t agree more. I am new and accidentally deleted my profile twice while I was hovering over trying to click view, and before I can click it my Gig my profile gets deleted! :frowning:


Totally agree with you! We definitely need that!