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Fiverr, how about you fix

How about you fix your god damn search engine? I cannot even find my main gig anymore! When I search for my theme “horror” all I see are the same gigs that has little to no sales or dead ones with no activity for the past months.

Can an admin explain to me why dead gigs are top pages ??


i agree with you totally.

a lot of sellers are facing the same issue
gig went down for no reason
some say it’s normal gig rotation
but after months of performing well even with gig down in search
the gigs are not getting back up

so once we go down do we not get gig rotation to come back up if we perform well


Same thing, I am TRS, my gig is down at the last page for no reason. My promoted gig with highest bid in category have no impressions for 7 days… Fiverr have serious troubles and they act like it’s normal situation. Their replies like: We want diversity, all should get a chance, we can’t guarantee your position, work on your profile to be more attractive, blah blah… Generic replies and they just don’t want to face problems they had.


Here also the same thing, my promoted gig with the highest bid in the category have no impressions for 15 days. I agree with you. We want diversity, all should get a chance.


And CS probably said to you that everything is fine, that they can’t guarantee impressions and similar generic replies?


My ratings goes down like crazy for no reason as well. I made a couple of sales and yet my performance looks bad in my ratings.

Get your sh*t together Fiverr !


My Best selling gig was on 1st page (Under Best Selling filter) last 3 years.
On the 10th of October it dropped to the 15th page in just few hours and without any reason.
My impressions now are twice less than they always were and I don’t have any new clients.

Now on the 1st page I see sellers with just few reviews (even less than 10) it is a nonsense.
I also tried Promoted gig feature but it is useless - just few clicks (even if I raise cpc)


I can’t be found in search, they removed me today after bugging me to try out promoted gigs. That can’t be a coincidence…


@pussyacat I do not know about this, I get you on first page third row when I am searching with an incognito mode browser for any of the keywords.

Yes, I checked all your gigs and they are not coming up in search. You have 100 orders in the queue.

And first two pages are filled with three same people GIGs just named differently (for SEO blogs).

I don’t have 100 orders in queue.

But yes, they removed my gigs completely. They offered me promoted gigs a few days ago, didn’t get into it, they sent another reminder to use it today, and in a few hours all my gigs were removed. As I said, this doesn’t seem to be a coincidence…

Yes, sorry, my bad, I counted one row twice, it is 76 orders.

So you can’t see any of my gigs either, right?

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No, I typed SEO blog, some parts of your GIG titles, and in categorizes where there is only 5 pages of result, and you are not there.

I always check another way (I don’t type anything). Incognito mode | -> Graphic Design -> Vector Tracing. I always was on 1-3rd row of 1st page

That is where I have you, same process, 3-4 row.

Without typing keywords? Just by opening a category page?
I rechecked with few different browsers and I don’t see my gig there.
Anyway my impressions and clicks are twice less than usual and there are no orders from new clients (just repeat buyers)

Gig perfomance for last 3 months

I open incognito browser, Fiverr page and search " vectorization logo" and you are in the 3rd or4th row on the right.

No, without typing anything. Just open Graphic Design category and scroll down

Oh, in that case, yes, you are nowhere to be found.

But I will help you move two spots up immediately :smiley: I see two sellers with stolen artwork on the second page, going to report them…

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