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Fiverr how exciting as a small business owner! Now I am wondering!

To all Fivver Sellers!!!

If I purchase from you I believe you will render the service offered!!!

When I browse through Fiverr I am so blown away by the skills and talents available for $5.00 that I would not be able to afford otherwise! HOWEVER, the level of professionalism sucks! :frowning:

There are two people maybe 3 out of the 9 orders I put through that were absolutely wonderful and i will use again.

So here is the deal I know it only cost $5.00 but I worked hard for it so if you offer a service for $5.00 you should be professional enough to complete the service! Look if it is hard or you are overwhelmed just tell me I understand!

If you are having a problem with the service you offer and have others if useful I will use another service just talk to me, ignoring me makes me feel like you took my money and that is it!

Communication is Key! I just purchased a service and could not find the results of the service rendered anywhere so I asked the seller why and was completely ignored, so I am out of $5.00!!! That’s my money! I also made a purchase with this seller that was fabulous so I trusted this seller and hoped to continue using the service now I will not! So building working relationships here is difficult as this is the second time I reused a seller that was a big disappointment! WTH!

Another seller has a specific time to do their service as offered and has not begun yet which means what they have offered will not be done on the date they gave me and has yet to state if the service date will be extended! I asked again ignored!!!

There is no contact information for Fiverr, which in itself is frustrating. I don’t want to report sellers I just want the service offered! Holy Crap!

I didn’t come here to cancel orders, or have a bad relationships I came here to purchase services with hopes of building a professional relationship with sellers I could reuse rather than looking for new sellers.

I am beginning to wonder If some of this is a scam as I read another blog here that stated some sellers swindle people and change their names and do it again!

I am so frustrated and very well may have to cancel orders for service never rendered!!! :frowning:

Sorry for your mishaps with some sellers here on the platform. Hopefully the next sellers you work with are the right ones…

Perhaps checking their reviews or samples of their work will help you the next time around… or simply contacting them beforehand to make sure they can deliver. Like you said, communication is key! :slight_smile:

You can try contacting --> Customer Support about your concerns and they can help you out. :slight_smile:

If someone did not deliver, then you should ask for a refund. You can do that.

And it is like trying to find a freelancer anywhere, some you will have good relationships with, some yo uwill not. And sometimes there are scammers here.

Remember too that Fiverr is not for only business professionals, it’s for any random person that wants to try to earn money and not everyone even knows what good customer service is.

Stick with the good sellers that you like.

Also, if a job delivery date has not happened yet, not all sellers are going to give you updates along the way. And if you are waiting for something and the seller is not answering you, then just ask for a refund and be done with it.

It seems to me that there is more than one story here.