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I am Mikel aka DRAGondaTrack.
The most Time i Write / Record Music (German Rap) and Try to build a Network with all Underground Artist
all over the World.
I do sometimes Beats / Produce Track’s and i Want to Help
Artist who are not good in Mixing means People who need Help by the Mixing of they’re Vocals

Hi Mikel, welcome und viel Erfolg!


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vielen Dank :wink:
ich Versuch es
hab halt nur schwierigkeiten nen vernünftiges Video mit allen Angaben immer zu machen^^

Mod Note: Translation :arrow_right: “Thank you. I’ll try it. Kinda have trouble creating a reasonable video with all the details”

Kurz mal auf dein Profil geschaut und, schneller Tipp: portfolio links don’t show up for for buyers. But you’re allowed to link to your Soundcloud account in profile and gig description.

Mod Note: Translation :arrow_right: " I took a quick look at your profile. Here is a quick tip"

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Ich wünsche Dir viel Glück

Mod Note: Translation :arrow_right: "I wish you luck

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Danke für den Hinweis

Mod Note: Translation :arrow_right: “Thanks for the tip”

hey, how it work’s ?
I don’t find it

You just write it in your description. There’s no option to have a clickable link. Fiverr is super paranoid about the outside world :wink:

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ah okay i write in the FAQ for the buyer