Fiverr id my dream market place


I am new in fiverr but I do many works in locally. But now I want to share my experience in PHP, web development and WordPress I hope I get a lot of help fiverr. So, those who are expert, they are good for me if they help with their experience and tips.


go ahead in all sector of wordpress development


Welcome. I see on one of your gigs you offer 6 months free support which is a violation of the Terms of Service. Services must not extend beyond 30 days duration.
Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page so that you know the rules as to how Fiverr works.


I think you should review your gigs and make them rearranged :slight_smile:


to get success in Fiverr at research some gig which is similar with your skills and then create gig according to your skill, add description perfectly, use perfect image, share your gig in social media and daily send 10 buyer request. hope you will get your desire success @borna2 :sweat_smile:


welcome to Fiverr. create good title,description and tags.(use five tags) You can get more details serch fiverr blog and seller help center.


Welcome #borna2!
This is the place where best contributors will here you and assist you to go ahead killing their so valuable time. Keep searching end explore thousands of topics that will definitely quince your thirst.


Thank you all of you for your advise and support :slight_smile: