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Fiverr ID Verficiation Problem

Hi there.

I have a question. Do any one of you know what should i do? I have user name creative Hsn and my Id card name is changed? What should i do? Will this creates a problem?



That shouldn’t be a problem at all. I think only a small fraction of the usernames on Fiverr match the IRL names of the account holders.


I’m a bit paranoid about this myself. What you might want to do is go to your profile settings and make sure that the first and last name there match exactly what is on your ID card.

I haven’t verified my ID yet. However, I changed my name in my Fiverr settings from Andy to Andrew just in case this is a problem in the future.


I think the name that appears on settings has nothing to do with your the name on your ID and is just for your username displayed on the screen greeting you.

If I recall correctly, Fiverr asks you to fill in your name when signing in (I asumme your real name), so I guess that’s what Fiverr would compare - if any comparisson is ever made.


I verified few hours ago and it worked. Please let me know from where we can change the name? I see no option in settings?

Thank you. I verified it successfully.

I verified it. It worked for me.

Hi, how did you verify your account can you tell me? I am from pakistan and i tried my driver license twice but it didn’t work. can you share instructions with me? thanks.

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@creativehsn, Congratulations on a successful Verification. I hope mine goes as well as yours. :wink:

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Best of luck for your verification

I am from Pakistan too. If you have smart card you can upload it’s picture and then take a selfie looking to the camera. Make sure that the picture you take of ID card so there is no reflection or lighting or blur issue.


have you tried driving license as well? I don’t have smart card now and i am applying for that. how many times did you try?

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Sorry for late reply. No i only used smart card you can use licence if you would like but confirm from Cs what they suggest you.