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Fiverr ID verification fail

Anyone here who complete Fiverr ID verification ??

every time i try to upload my ID photo they refuse my submitting because after i upload my id photo,it get’s their side issue not my side coz my photos are very clear and have good quality

anyone here who faced this same situation ?

i contact fiverr customer support to inform about this situation and no any solution yet

If you type “ID Verification” in the above search :mag: , you will find a plethora of information.


yeah i did but no one knows solution yet :frowning:

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Watch this thread.

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Hi Mr. Waruna, I too was also in your shoes few weeks ago. I too tried uploading the document ID and it was rejected twice and my account was restricted. I contact support and after a week, they asked me to reupload the document again.

So, if you’re to fix it, this are what you need to do

  1. The photo on your account must have to be similar to the one on your ID card
  2. The picture which you will use have to be very much clear and your ID card
  3. The phone you will use to snap has to be very clean.
  4. Try uploading your national ID card

And lastly, make sure that you focus on your phone. Let me know if you have any other issues.

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my phone is fine be honest.i have galaxy S9

the problem is does not matter how mu photos are quality.when i try to upload photos through the link,photos get blur after i upload

anyway thank you very much for your advises.i already contact fiverr CS so let’s see what they can do for this


Please keep us updated with how things work out. :slight_smile:


edited comment…

Try capture image using a another device

A Galaxy S9 would take a great photo. It’s not a device problem.

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waruna_traffic Any luck Bro?

Have you been able to get this situation fixed? Because my account is doing the same thing. I have the newest iphone, and when i take my pictures, it’s perfectly clear. But once i upload, it’s blurry. What is going on? I have emailed customer service 20 times and all they do is just keep telling me to continue uploading. like how does that even make any sense??

yes i have to faced same situation before.i told them this is your side issue, then they will verify my account

I am currently in the same situation. Since the verification failed, my account has been disabled for months. I’ve contacted the support team and they said my accounted is being review. They cannot disclose how long it’s gonna take.

Hey, how long is your account now blocked. My account has been blocked since last week. And I want to know how long this could take?

I’m having the same issue. I do not have a driver’s liscense and my passport is expired. I sent them the passport for the picture but it was denied. I have my social insurance # but there is no picture on it. I’m wondering if this is acceptable. I live in Canada. I don’t know what else to do. I sent CS a message is there a number I can call instead?

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