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Fiverr Id verification problem


Hi ,
I am recently facing a problem . That is ID vrification . Fiverr is asking for NID / Passport . But the problem is I dont have any of this . I have my birth certificate and the online copy of my national ID card . Than How can I prove my Identity??
Is it possible to increase the time limit from 14 days to one month ? so that I can apply for a passport and get that one ? Because getting passport is a very long process as per I know.
or is it possible to verify with the online copy of my National ID ??
Please help me .
Thanks in advance


We can’t help you with any of that on the forum, only customer support can tell you if that online copy will work, or if they can extend the time.

Maybe find a link to a reputable English-language web page for them where it says how long it usually takes to get a physical ID, so they know how much time they’d need to give people for that, in case it’s not possible to verify with that online copy ID. Hope the online copy will work out, if it does, or if they tell you they can increase the time limit, please update this thread, so others with the same issue will know. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your kind reply . Can you please tell me , If I am unable to get my Passport or NID within 14 days , will my account be blocked ?


Sorry, I don’t know. I hope not if you can explain or prove to support that it’s not possible to get a passport or NID so soon. They should understand that, as I don’t think there are many countries where you could get those within 14 days. I would definitely write to them ASAP to avoid time running out and maybe you’ll be lucky and find out from them that the online ID you have will suffice!


Thank you so much for your help.