Fiverr ID verification


I have some question:
I’m new in Fiverr and Fiverr Support want to my ID card, But the reason is I don’t have my Id card because I am a still student. Now, what I do?


Did they give you any idea as to what other ID you could use?


I’m not ask about that


I’m sorry - I’m not clear what you’re asking about then?


Do you get a student ID card from your school? Many schools in the US give students ID cards. But I am not sure, even if you had one it woud be acceptabe to Fiverr. It seems like I read a birth certificate would do as well? :thinking:


Students also have IDs in most countries. I am sure you have some sort of official document. Or Passport. Ask CS what documents are accepted to be sure.


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for your good suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:


The best thing is that ask to cs, what type of I’d card they want?


Fiverr may want to know that you are real or not. You can contact on fiverr support. And Provide any identification to fiverr. I think your problem will be solved… Thanks


Seem only a certain countries need their ID proof.


Well I am curious … I work with my girlfriend … together , it’s written all over my gigs / description on my profile :smiley: … do we need to submit both… or any of them ?


From a different country.


With a stock photo as a profile picture, and country can be faked.


Yep - but I thought it was perhaps worth noting. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, it is worth noting, because it means we still don’t know who gets asked to verify their ID. Certain countries? If it’s a fake country, maybe Fiverr sees the real one, and asks them too? Stock photos as profile picture? Short hair? :smile_cat: Fiverr works in mysterious ways, as always.


Surely out of fairness it should be everybody?


This whole :id: thingy is like blah whatever! :roll_eyes:

Targeting certain countries would definitely be discrimination.

Roll it out to ALL nations!


Or none :stuck_out_tongue:


Or, perhaps, only those who seem unusual in some way. :slight_smile: