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Hi, It’s one year for my fiverr life…just ordered a business card pack from fiverr :slight_smile: .I’ve another cool idea too…What do you think about fiverr identity card for full time sellers?.Working on fiverr is my full time job and there are lots of sellers like me. .I think if we have a identity card,that’s good…fiverr can issue a identity card for sellers and a box in fiverr site for check the number…so anyone can type the number and know that person is a fiverr seller and his job on the site…I hope fiverr editors will consider about this…and Please post other sellers’ idea about this…Thanks.

I fail to see the benefit of doing that.


I agree - I mean if anyone wants to know if you’re a seller on fiverr give them your username and they can easily look that up.

I just put “kavilions” in the box and viola there you are with all your info!

Like magic isn’t it?

Reply to @kavilions: Yes, I fully understand what you are saying. It is indeed a wonderful idea. It probably makes you feel that you "work on FIVERR’ and you’re not just a part time type of guy…! And feel like a "something"

Real nice idea.

Best of luck I do hope they look into something like it,

:slight_smile: Joe

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@ryangillam and @solidslick :

Hello friend,Yes you both are correct…Anyone can find easily using the username…but the company Identity card is very valuable because we have government issued id only.when we go to some places,we want job identity and it’s more valuable because it issued by the company that person work.

Other thing is,we can search using username and find the person…it’s true…but the thing is anyone can make fiverr profile so giving the username is not the best thing…If fiverr issue a identity card for us,it’s legal and there(in the fiverr site) are ONLY ONE person from that ID…means from that id number…so it’s legal than username…Post your ideas…

Thanks friends…

Reply to @thecreativeguys:

Thanks friend :slight_smile: