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Fiverr ignores it's own tos

Fiverr IGNORES ABUSIVE, UNPROFESSIONAL, UNFRIENDLY, AND A BULLYING SELLER - As stated in Fiverr Terms of Service: “If you come across any content that may violate our Terms of Service, you should report it to us".

I contacted Fiverr’s customer support to report “Rude” and “abusive” behavior and in Fiverr’s TOS further states “Communication on Fiverr should be friendly, constructive, and professional” and that “Fiverr condemns bullying.”

I requested a revision in a gig and the seller became very defensive with a bully attitude, abusive, unprofessional, and unfriendly and the seller made the statement: "“I’m just going to make the exact changes you’ve requested so you can’t blame me if it doesn’t sell.” Further messaging occurred between the seller and I, and I categorized his behavior as ballistic.

The definition of ballistic is: “extremely and usually suddenly excited, upset, or angry.” He response: “If that’s going ballistic, then you’ve never stepped foot outside in America.” This previous statement is a form of racism as defined as “Racism is a product of the complex interaction in a given society of a race-based worldview with prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination.” So this seller stated that if I want to see what “ballistic” is then I must step outside the USA because the rest of the world has “ballistic” behaviors.

I requested a refund from the seller - he denied. I sent in a support ticket to Fiverr and they supported the seller. WHAT HAS HAPPEN TO SUPPORT FOR THE CUSTOMER? So Fiverr does not support the customer when a seller violates the TOS with user misconduct?

I have included the TOS as stated by Fiverr:


“If you come across any content that may violate our Terms of Service, you should report it to us through the appropriate channels created to handle those issues as outlined in our Terms of Service.

User Misconduct - “Fiverr maintains a friendly, community spirited, and professional environment. Users should keep to that spirit while participating in any activity or extensions of Fiverr.”

“Rude, abusive, improper language, or violent messages sent to users will not be tolerated and may result in an account warning or the suspension/removal of your account.”

Users may receive a warning to their account for violations of our Terms of Service or any user misconduct reported to our Trust and Safety team. A warning will be sent to the user’s email address and will be displayed for such user on the Site. Warnings do not limit account activity, but can lead to your account losing seller statuses or becoming permanently disabled based on the severity of the violation.

Inappropriate Behavior & Language - Communication on Fiverr should be friendly, constructive, and professional.”

So far, all I see is Fiverr ignores it’s own TOS in favor of a seller who was abusive, bullying, and extremely rude.

Can we see a full transcript of the entire conversation between you and your seller first?

Just to help us to really condemn that awful person, of course.

Please be sure to include the disputed ballistic parts for expert analysis.

Me asking for a revision: I would like a compelling argument in the copy of my listing why the customer should buy my product out of the 400 + pages listed on Amazon. This is extremely important. I think you addressed the features of my product but it is weak on what problems it solves and why a customer would chose mine over all of the rest.

Seller: It’s not weak on WHY. The why is all the features. I’ve written 7,000 listings and you’re discounting all my work. My reviews and experience seem to mean nothing. Since you aren’t responding to my professional opinion or my writing, I’m just going to make the exact changes you’ve requested so you can’t blame me if it doesn’t sell.

Me: I did ask for your opinion. Did you happen to read the notes I had in the attached document?

I am very surprised by your response.

If you rather not proceed which would be unfortunate, then maybe you should cancel this gig. As I mentioned that I liked it overall and I asked your opinion. You seemed so open to revisions and suggestions and that is why your response is so surprising to me.

I do not want to work with someone who responds in this matter and makes a statement “I’m just going to make the exact changes you’re requested so you can’t blame me if it doesn’t sell”. Really???

So if you are just having a bad moment and would like to reconsider your statement then I wish to proceed. If not then cancel this gig.

Overall I think you did an excellent job.

Your call. I will be unavailable until later in the day. I apologize for any misunderstanding and hope you will reconsider my comment as being constructive in nature and in the end relying on your knowledge over mine since you are the expert.

Seller: First, you assumed that because of the way I wrote it, you needed to make changes, which implies you aren’t taking my opinion seriously. You asked for changes before asking why I wrote them the way that I did, implying that I don’t know what I’m doing.

I gave you seven responses, none of which you’ve address–still.

If you aren’t taking my writing seriously and not responding to my seven responses, then no, I can’t be blamed for any issues because you aren’t listening to me.

I’m not having a bad moment, I’m merely responding to your lack of response. I don’t issue refunds, so I won’t be canceling the work I’ve done.

It’s not a misunderstanding; you still haven’t addressed any of the seven things I said to begin with. I’ll attach them again here below: Intentional Left Blank for Product Purpose

Me: I did not receive your 7 reasons before I sent the last message that made you go ballistic. I am trying to enjoy a vacation and your attitude is not helping.


I hired you and I am the customer. Frankly you are way out of line.

If I don’t like the revision I will refuse it and I will complain the Fiverr. You have taken this way too far.

Seller: You have still not responded to my seven responses and I’ve made your changes. I also did not go ballistic. I said I can’t be held responsible if you are not willing to respond to my SEVEN items, which you’ve still yet to do. If that’s going ballistic, then you’ve never stepped foot outside in America.

NOTE: I was using my Ipad and on vacation with poor internet connection. I did not notice the 7 items because I had not refreshed my ipad and the 7 items became lost in the conversation. The conversation escalated and the seller became was defensive from the beginning.

I have to say I think there is fault on both your parts for why this went so badly.
However, I fail to see how your claims about Fiverr can be accurate. If you have complained about the seller, Fiverr will not tell you anything about how they are dealing with the situation. Unless of course you were expecting Fiverr to banish the seller based on your complaint. In that case, I think it is you who (by your definition) has gone ballistic.
The seller has not said anything particularly bad, I see a frank exchange of opinions between you both and you speak to him in the same manner as he does to you. Also, why did you not check what he meant the first or second time he mentioned the 7 questions? That seems to be the main irritant for the seller and probably would have gone some way towards solving the problem - had you checked it.

The seller is irritated that you are asking for revisions that he doesn’t see as necessary. This is the nature of subjective gigs such as writing. If you want a couple of small changes to work like this I would say do it yourself. You state that overall the work is excellent. You would be much better off making the slight adjustments yourself. It will then reflect your preferences and the seller is respected and his time not wasted. It is very seldom that I get something written that I do not choose to edit a little to make it how I want it and I buy relatively regularly.

Regarding your accusation of racism - you have misunderstood. He says “You’ve never stepped foot outside in America”. This means that you have stayed inside your house in America, not that everyone outside America is ballistic or whatever you understood it to mean.

“I’m just going to make the exact changes you’re requested so you can’t blame me if it doesn’t sell”.

Maybe it’s because I’m American but this is blunt, but also direct and to the point.

You are being much too sensitive. There was nothing bullying, abusive, unprofessional that you’ve written that he said. I agree that it could have been friendlier and there is a bit of irritation in the wording he used to you.

There is not one word of racism.
You are much too precious in your sensitivities to be dealing with others.
Nor does he owe you a refund! He did exactly as you asked.
I feel bad for him for having to deal with these false accusations.

You taking offense at nothing and trying for a refund is sad. I feel sorry for him.

And he is right. It is the features that sell it. It will be tacky to try to get people to buy it by trying to say how it’s better than the competition.

And you misunderstood his comment about stepping outside IN America. You say you are in the United States so you must know what it’s like here and what he was referring to. He was saying that people are often confrontational in the U.S. so he is not going ballistic by U.S. standards.

Hi, the seller could have been friendlier, but he is by no means abusive as you suggest. Besides, you say he has done “an excellent job”…so my advice is to close the issue.

I have a very good idea of who the seller is…I think…

Jeez I just repeated what MissCrystal said…

I am still on vacation and at the time of the back and forth messaging between the seller, he sent a message that I missed because I was working on an IPad and I did not see a message that was sent between my initial request for a revision and my second message. I initial asked for a revision with an attached document, and within 5 minutes wrote a note that had the word “weak” in it. That is when the seller made a statement that was rude, unfriendly, and unprofessional and what I considered was ballistic in nature - “extremely and usually suddenly excited, upset, or angry”.

I was taken back because of his response and even said so even offering a compliment. The point here is he was rude, he was unfriendly, he was unprofessional, and as a customer I should not have to tolerate with a person as such.

Some of you say I am sensitive, maybe I am because I feel that I deserve to be treated with respect. So if Fiverr allow’s this seller to be rude, to be unprofessional, to be unfriendly then they are allowing people to behave disrespectfully. And at this point this is exactly what Fiverr is doing.

I don’t need the money as much as the seller apparently does, so in the end I will not get my refund. I will not use the seller’s gig out of a respect for myself. And if others on this forum think that the seller did not violate Fiverr’s User conduct TOS, it is your opinion of course, but as a customer that has used Fiverr many times I have never encountered a seller such as this. If I treated my customers as this seller has treated me, then I would have no business, nor would I have respect for myself.

I appreciate all of your comments and plan to enjoy my vacation and close this issue on the forum.

I will close on this note - please be sensitive because it makes the world a better place to live.

I do too.