Fiverr ignores rules and cancels orders


Per rules.
Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. You may rate your experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received

Buyer requested gig. Gave basic requirements. When asked for more, told to just do what we do. They pre-approved prior to work beginning. On delivery they said they wanted something different, but could not say what they wanted. Gave a revision on best guess. No reply on if this was closer or not. Actually pretty much ignored it. Sent another revision, very different. Buyer provides no feedback. Only says they want to cancel, which I refuse as we did the work, and free revisions, which we don’t provide. Next thing I know, it is cancelled by CS. Client account is still active, so I know it wasn’t a Paypal chargeback.

Seems sellers aren’t protected by the very rules put in place by fiverr.


I think buyers get around this “rule” by providing a reason other than quality issues to CS.


CS should bluntly tell the buyer you agreed to pay,you received the work and if you think work is poor or not the thing you were looking for, well too bad we can’t return you the money for it.Our sellers are not our employees and definitely not our slaves.You now go ahead and give that review if you want to and in the meanwhile we are gonna mark the order as completed.Have a nice day buyer


Does that mean, Fiverr CS can just cancel any order without notifying/reaching to seller about the dispute from the buyer who wants cancellation after finishing the order? I also heard that chargeback can happen without seller’s knowing in advance.


Waiting on CS answer as to why they cancelled when rules say they can’t. Response so far, they will look into it.


I had a cancelation that was clearly because the buyer wanted infinite work and pretended it was about quality. CS ended up cancelling because I stopped communicating with the buyer because the buyer wouldn’t take no for an answer. I had said “let me know if you have any questions” in my first delivery message. That was enough for CS to “blame” the cancelation on me.

They even sent me a sternly worded rebuke! In my experience if the buyer cares enough to go to CS, your order is going to be canceled.


So CS cancelled the order AND sent you a strongly-worded rebuke just because you said “let me know if you have any questions” to your buyer and then didn’t respond? Weren’t they able to see in the order page that your buyer was being unreasonable, you were trying to explain stuff to him and he was still trying to get you to do infinite work?

It’s genuinely beyond me how they think this scenario is your fault.

Also, I thought I read somewhere recently that buyers couldn’t cancel orders based on the quality of work anymore. As in, orders would only be cancelled if the deliverable criteria wasn’t met. Very strange how your buyer went down the quality route and got away with it too…


Every word you say to the buyer is considered.


The direct answer is YES, you should be ready to free giveaway any amount of work to the client if they demand so, they can place a $5 order to get the work of $1000 or more, they can ask for any numbers of revisions no matter how many you provide and no matter anything, client has full rights on your life and their money.


No, no, and NOI Never give your valuable work away for free! And certainly DO NOT give it away for free because the buyer “promises to place larger orders if you do”. Come on, really? That is how bad buyers take advantage of you… and no, they are NOT going to come back after getting your work for free, and then place a $1000 order. That’s not going to happen.

Wow. No, they do not. Stand up for your value, worth, and rights as a seller. Don’t let buyers walk all over you. Weak sellers are the only reason bad buyers get away with bad behavior. Say no, and mean it!


I sincerely hope that you’re being sarcastic about this, and that you don’t actually believe that this is the way to go about doing business here.


I don’t know how much experience you have of this platform but I am here since 2015 and I have lost $1000+ in these cases, spent some more time on Fiverr website and forum and you will realize that every word I said was right.


That’s wonderful. I’ve been here longer than you have. I am a veteran seller here on Fiverr. And I can assure you, Fiverr is not a terrible place just because YOUR experiences have been less than exciting. Fiverr is a great place for thousands of sellers. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had troubles… but those troubles are not indicative of everyone else here on this site.

No, it’s not. YOUR experience is not how things are on this site, nor are any of the bitter and displeased comments that you have made shared by everyone else.

FYI: I’ve been active on this forum for YEARS. A simple read of the thousands of forum topics I have participated in will clarify this. I am fully aware of the overall comments that people make here.


Its a complete joke. If a buyer orders the basic then wants to add more, we just cancel the order and have them re-order the gig extra’s they want. It was a mistake on the buyers part and the clock is ticking on us as we wait for a response from the buyer. Then we get OOOO i want that extra with my order, now the clock is at 1 hour to deliver… Now we need to cancel that order and send them a custom order and go from there.

Fiverr see’s the cancel and we get dinged for it. We are 100% in everything but cancelation we are at 89% just 1% short of our 90% needed and we get DEMOTED… we used to be a top seller with over 1500 sales and now are not even a level 1.

What a joke fiverr!


I was pretty angry at the time. But, it’s just part of the territory here. I think CS will almost always side with the buyer, regardless of policies and fairness. I rarely have issues that goto CS (maybe one a year). But, I just assume that I will lose. It’s one reason I would never want 100% income from Fiverr and one of the many reasons I would never send a client that has hired me outside of Fiverr to Fiverr through their BYOB (Bring Your Own Buyer) program.


Hey, this might be helpful to you if you aren’t aware of it. You can add a gig extra to the order at any time, and you can have a deadline extension associated with it. Once the client accepts, they pay the outstanding amount and your time gets extended accordingly. No need to cancel and start a whole new order.


[quote=“jcmcbride, post:6, topic:290572”] I
had said “let me know if you have any questions” in my first delivery message. That was enough for CS to “blame” the cancelation on me.
What was their rationale for that?


If you say that you can’t stop answering them.


I am confused. Your gig pages say that you are a team of “6+ people”, but you keep referring to “your experience”. Is the info on your gig false information, or are you speaking on behalf of a “6+” member team?


Can you stop answering them if you don’t say that?