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Fiverr Image Size

What is the actual size of the fiverr gig image?


Doesn’t exist. Make 5 different sizes, start creating a gig, upload and test all dimensions until you get the one that works for you, save the dimensions and delete the gig.

Canva Gig image size 1600*1076.

Hopefully Fiverr gig image Size is: ( 550 X 370 ) Pixels 550 width & 370 height

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550-370 is the image size

The latest gig image size is 690px × 426px (pixels) which is fiverr recommended.

Fiverr recommends 550x370 size images. But I think 680x440 is the perfect size for gig images. Because I found 550x370 does not set properly when someone opens your gig. 680x440 is the perfect size for gig images. you can also check the size of other gigs which has a properly set image. Then you can choose which one looks perfect to you.


Thanks for information, didn’t know that.

Fiverr perfect gig image size is 550 x 370 pixel

Fiverr image size is 550 X 370