Fiverr images are not getting Uploaded


My gig images are not getting uploaded …Please do not advise this level 2 seller that I MAY HAVE SOME PROBLEM WITH SIZE OF ANY IMAGES .My images are exactly according to all the fiverr rules…format is okay …they even show up in edit pages but when I see in my profile…same things…it really sucks


try editing your gig title then placing your image then save… then go back and edit your gig title again to the original title… haha (I know it sounds crazy but I went through the same thing a week ago, and did just that and it worked!)


How long after you uploaded the new images was it before you posted? It is important to know the length of time it was. And to be sure, you say the images did show correctly in the edit pages but not in your gigs right after uploading?


I’ve been trying to upload also for whole day and my gig images are staying the same after hitting “Save & Continue” I check the gig page everything but the images are updated!


I have the same problem, I can not do the change of image in my gig … :frowning: and try what the girl says, but nothing happens. I know my images are within the parameters for publication. please help.! T_T


i have same problem :confused: gig image not updated


wait for 24 hours then see!


Today,I have tried to update my gig but no image saved. What can i do, now?!! :-S


I have face same problem


I have the same problem as well.


Same problem guys, Hope Fiverr is working over it.


I’m facing the same problem, i reported to fiverr yesterday but didn’t get any response from fiverr, i think just because i’m new seller. I would like to request level one, two and top sellers to report this bug on

Thank you very much.


I would like to request with all the readers(sellers) to report this bug on so fiverr will look at this bug otherwise fiverr will think its an issue with only 1 or 2 sellers.



I am happy that I have posted a problem and you all have supported it very well. Hope Fiverr fix this bug quickly…I, for the first time made all the gig images by myself( condemning the use of Google images) and Fiverr is now not allowing me… :-)) :)>- :-j :-w =))


is this solved ??? Did anyone have any success or how this gets solved ?? ?






Reply to @ahmadtalhaazam: My first thought was that this was a normal issue. Not all images go up on the live gig before 24-48 hours so sometimes it is a matter of patience. Some images also get stuck in a review process if there is a problem with them (like text added with contact info or pixelated content.)

Since more people seem to having an issue I am not sure if it is normal or some kind of bug. Either way, I’m sure it will be fixed given a little time.


Reply to @ronald2000: No. It’s been a problem since the OP first made his post. I’m bumping lots of these threads to hopefully get them noticed.


What works for me often times is to just upload the same image but in a different (maybe bigger) size and try to see if that will work.