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Fiverr Images/Files UPLOAD ERROR FIXING 8 Tips -


Hi , I was faced this problem over and over , Then i found few of my own tips

  1. Try to Save your Image in 72dpi
  2. Try to Upload lower Than 200kb Images
  3. Disconnect your internet connection and re connect before the Upload
  4. Once you failed to upload , Rename the file and re Upload the image (this is the method i mostly use)
  5. Mostly USB Internet Dongle connection has this upload error problem try use wifi or ADSL line.
  6. There is a Trojon Horse Tip :wink: , Upload your file with size less than 10kb file at once , it helps to upload main.
  7. Contact Customer Support, May be the Problem is there Not yours :slight_smile:
  8. Special tips for Who use photoshop - Try to save image “save for web” option and then upload.

    Happy Buying!!!

    Best Regards!!

    Gihan :slight_smile:

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Also, in my case I was trying to upload a video that I made with iMovie. That was while I was setting up my Gig. I had left the setup page on for pictures and videos open on the browser for a while.

Now, this particular video was under 50 MB, at 44 seconds, containing files from Photoshop; iMovie backgrounds; JPEG pictures…

Well, I tried uploading it, and it mentioned error. I removed .mp4 from the video name, and it still mentioned error. I refreshed the page, tried uploading it again, and it apparently went through as a success. It said that it is pending moderation.