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Fiverr images/logos to include in my gig

Where can I find Fiverr images (.png and .jpg) so I can include them in my gig?

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to identify you image extension use right Click->properties Now will be able below:

@dev_sal Thank you. I think what I’ll really need to do is use a photo editor but I was wondering if I could find logos (without any background) somewhere on the Fiverr site which I could use.

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Search Fiverr logo PNG on google

Why not make them yourself? Or, if you don’t have any artistic skills suited to the task, there are plenty of image designers here on Fiverr that you could hire to do it for you.

@jonbaas I was referring to the actual trademarked logos themselves. My thought was perhaps fiverr made such files available for their users, to be used on gigs, but I guess not. I do see plenty on Bing and Google images but what I found is not quite what I’m looking for. Thank you.

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Are you looking for this?

There’s Fiverr’s copyrighted logo.


There was a post recently about a seller whose gig was paused until they removed the Fiverr logo from their gig video - might be better to check what’s currently acceptable?

@odal456 Yes, sir; that is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!:+1:t3:

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@merciavideo I don’t get it. Why would Fiverr object to a seller using their logo to help promote their work and generate income?

No idea, but I found the thread:

Here’s some more info on gig images: