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Fiverr: Important Account Notice


Maybe is just me, but every so often I get an automated email from Fiverr, saying the following:


You haven’t visited Fiverr lately and it’s not the same without you. We’re still the best place on the Internet to be your own boss, and we’d love to have you back with us again.

If you haven’t visited Fiverr lately because you’re too busy, remember that you can pause your Gig here.

If you’re dissatisfied with the service (reviews, levels, traffic, tools) reach out to us here.

See you soon,
The Fiverr Team.

Well why would one visit their gig if not getting any orders, I find it akward to keep getting these emails, as 1st I get far too many emails most of them more important, 2nd I feel is not necessary to visit my page as if there is no communication then I received no requests for work, 3rd I do work this is just a hobbie, I bet most people here this is not their only source of income not even major source of income, only a few make it really… so let’s please respect peoples right to just get contacted if account is about to be wiped out …like once every 6 months or something like that,

Trully fiverr I do appreciate your help in helping people to make some money through your site, however you do get about 20% of the income…so just respect our privacy if we require I don’t want having to visit my gig every 4 weeks for nothing but to just visit if no orders are received…as I always respond when an order is received as I get a email notifying me of that.

Many thanks

Who agrees


I think it’s great that they send a reminder since it doesn’t happen often. I am on Fiverr daily, but I have a relative who has a gig up but isn’t on every day. That little email can be very helpful to ensure that a seller doesn’t accidentally miss something and end up with a problem. If they sent it every other day, it might be annoying. As it is, it seems to save some people from an accidental 1 star late delivery review or having a slow gig auto-paused. That’s worth it to me even if I wouldn’t need it personally. You could set up an email filter and delete those messages when they come in based on a keyphrase that is only in that particular mail. :slight_smile:


My sales built slowly at first… but now I am on Fiverr every day and have orders every day. I think Fiverr is simply trying to help you build sales. What is it you sell?


For some reason checking and maintaining your gigs (not doing much) DOES make a difference.
People can see you are online while you are checking your gigs, and decide to message you or work with you.

Opening an account and just leaving it as is will definitely not get you any orders.

I am one of those fiverr people who does work here full time. Couldn’t be more happy, it is truly the ONLY place I am able to work freely from anywhere, and make a living :slight_smile:


I see what you mean and for most I agree… I just feel should be a personal choice however…but I understand a little better what you and the other people commenting here mean…I don’t dare filtering in case I get kicked out… Me visiting the gig makes not much difference to how many customers I get …sometimes get tons really busy sometimes gets very quiet…cheers for your opinion I value it .


I have had really high sales months and really low I’ve built it up a lot I sell Photo restoring…last xmas made over a grand .


I hear you …however I disagree…i at one time visited my gig daily and now only when I get email…or a job to me I see no difference…gigs seem to come in waves to me if I get quite a few gigs I seem to get more other times can be really quiet regardless of visiting daily or not…but I hear you …if it works for you very well…thanks for your comment…i do value your feedback


Isn’t there an option to disable or limit the amount of emails or notification you receive in the setting section? Try to check there.


I’ll check …thanks