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Fiverr Impression increase

I am rank down recently. I have always online and promote gig also.
But, why gig rank down?


There are quite a few threads on this subject. Fiverr rotates seller’s Gigs on a daily basis - therefore, impressions which mean, how many times your Gig is shown to potential buyers on the site, will go down as well as up.

Also, being “always online” is not how you get orders. Knowing how to market your Gig to potential buyers is what sells a Gig. If you are just promoting by spamming FB or other social media with your link, that is not targeted promoting, meaning, you are probably not reaching the right audience that needs what you offer.

Also, if you have made Gigs in categories that are highly competitive and over saturated, that will affect your ability to get orders as well.



Well, @genuineguidance has summed it up pretty much already.
Only thing I can add - try use those photoshop skills of yours to make an eye-catching thumbnail(s) for your gig(s). Make them want to click on your service. That’s the main point of a thumbnail. Smashing lots of text in it isn’t the great option. Reason why I say this, again Genuineguidance has mentioned it, you offer for the most part services that has a TON of competitors in those niches.

Also, some of your gigs contain grammar errors in titles. Good luck!


I agree your opinions Absolutely You are right