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Fiverr impression is down where both click and view is increased


Hi Fiverr Fellows,
From few days back I’m seeing that gig’s impression in down and but click and view up.
Also the ratio is poor according to click and view.
What is important? Impression or click/view?

Please experienced fellowes let me know the reason and how to improve impression, click and view.

Thank you.

Here’s the attachment-


Have you posted your gig anywhere like in social media?


Yes I did few times. Does it impact negatively?


Well that might be the reason. People click, view and leave.

Don’t know if Fiverr’s algo is smart enough to factor in bounce rate, but pulling in traffic that is not converting is pretty much waste of time anyway.


Is there any suggestion to convert without wasting time please?


Of course. Figure out who’s your ideal customer and reach out to them. Posting links in social media to random people is not the most effective way to market your service.

I don’t know who’s your target customer, you should know this :wink:


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Any suggestion please, How to figure out ideal customer?


You can take a course from WP Elevation. It’s really good, only $1500 and they will teach you everything from the proposals to delivery.

If you’re tight on budget then hire a business consultant who will do a proper business discovery session with you and you’ll get a customer profile with a few actions.

If you have zero budget then I’m afraid you’re on your own. However, the good news is that there are plenty of free resources. Take a few days, Google and put together an action plan.


I think there are many freelancer here. If they share how they keep their gig statistics increasing and get success. I’ll be gratefull

By the way, thank you. :slight_smile:i


People on the forum are really helpful but on the other hand why would they share all knowledges with you especially if they are working in the same niche? You are a competitor for them and if they teach you everything they might loose their sales.

If you don’t have budget to take advice from @uxreview then just search here on the forum or just google it as mentioned previously. Without investing time you wouldn’t be able to become successful.


Most buyers who are successful here achieve that because they did the research and taught themselves. “How do I figure out who my target audience is” is a massive question and it’s not something anyone can answer for you and that’s not what the forum is for. Take the initiative and do the research and work yourself. That is the only way to grow.

Like @mariashtelle1 said, there is limited value in asking people here in the forum because they are your competitors and aren’t going to do anything that will encourage people to use your business instead of theirs. It’s important to be business and sales savvy if you want to get sales on Fiverr.


Thank you so much @humanissocial for giving me the advice to research. I’ll definitely do research from now to grow my business. Thank you again. :slight_smile:


Good for you and you’re welcome!, and are all pretty handy, comprehensive resources.


Thank you so much @humanissocial